JetPaks Options for Your Custom Gunite Spa


The ClusterSpray JetPak uses small, yet very powerful, MicroBurst jets to deliver an intense, deep-tissue massage. This JetPak massage penetrates down deep to relieve pain and eliminate tension in even the tightest of sore and cramped muscles.


The Oscillator JetPak uses Bullfrog’s exclusive Verta’ssage jets to provide a truly unique massage experience that feels like two sets of kneading hands working out tension and stress for maximum relaxation.


The Spinal’ssage JetPak focuses directly on the spinal region of the back. Three adjustable MiniStorm jets allow you to decide on the pressure that is right for you to relieve tightness and stress in the spinal region and the surrounding muscles.

JetPak Color Choices

JetPaks for custom spas come in 4 beautiful colors. Choose the color you want to match your custom spa design.